Mr Tourettes view on: mr cameron!

Yes you’ve spotted the mistake: (small “m” small “c”) I thought we’d voted for a conservative/liberal government!

How f#cking dare he call him self a f#cking conservative! He’s as f#cking weak as the f#cking liberal twat stood next to him!

Dear old Maggie must be f#cking livid! First the f#cking labour party f#ck up the Country( Which you can understand. History repeating itself)Now a Conservative is doing the f#cking same, and to add insult to f#cking injury, he reckons leaving  Europe is a bad idea! What part of “bleeding us dry” does he not f#cking get?

He needs to to get a f#cking grip, get this once great country on its’ feet and stop wasting time time trying to placate these f#cking wasters. Maybe even take a leaf out of the Aussie Premiers’ book!

I can’t f#cking believe how short some peoples’ f#cking memories are! Have you really forgotten about the f#cking mess Labour left us in? Selling off the gold reserves ect!

Lets face it: Mr Blaire has indeed done a f#cking better job than I’ve previously given him credit for!

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