Mr Tourettes’ Latest problem with his mobile phone deal!

EE! I’ll give f#cking EE.(Everything, Everywhere)

I’m f#cking not happy! This is  the next f#cking company to try and f#cking rip me off! Twats.

Recently EE has taken over Orange. Big f#cking deal you might think, until i check my f#cking bill….£100.00 increase! Thinking (as you f#cking do) Miss Tourettes has been taking the f#cking piss. She’s been surfing the f#cking internet again. So me wanting to get my f#cking facts right, phone up E.E and asks for a break down and I nearly f#cking get one.

Do you f#cking know these twats f#cking charge for sms delivery@ .09p, then they have f#cking “updated” all our f#cking phones to 5 gig(so we can go f#cking surfing) and f#cking charged us £25.00 each for the f#cking privilege!

No I didn’t f#cking ask for it! Any way, needless to f#cking say, I’ve got my point of f#cking view over and they are going to refund me!

It’s seems to be a full time f#cking occupation nowadays checking on these robbing f#ckers. If you’re not being ripped off by one company you’ll get f#cked by another; or if your f#cking like me every one wants to try and f#cking rip you off!

I still think f#cking Blaire kicked the whole ball rolling..Be as f#cking dishonest as possible, and if you get caught out, f#cking bull shit your way out!

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