Mr Tourettes view on The E.U. Referendum!

I know I’ve been very f#cking quiet of late!

I have my reason so before anyone starts F#ck off!

In 1945 Great Britain won f#ckingWW2. We stopped the Germans, in particular one nasty little fucker called Adolf taking over our Proud f#cking Nation. Our Boys and girls kicked some f#cking arse, with a bit of help from USf#cking A ( Late as per f#cking usual!)

Since then we’ve got a “Common Market” Where everyone in the “Common Market” pays the same for everything!!! That f#cking works…not!

Then we got involved in what we call the f#cking “European Union”. Lead by f#cking Brussels!  F#ckers!!

The idea, (as I understand) is to have a Governing Body over-looking our Governing body, making sure that our Governing body don’t do anything untoward!

Now to do this our Governing body pays f#cking Billions to the EU every month! A lot of which goes to pay what we  now call: EMP’s. Most of the Emp’s are MP’s that we have sacked from our country, because they were f#cking useless! What makes me laugh is: They pay themselves and their f#cking staff, (some of who are their f#cking wives) millions of pounds in salaries. They have departments who have vast budgets, bigger than The NHS, to Manage us and tell us what we can and can not do! e.g. we can’t sell bent bananas, we can’t sell Eccles cakes, if they are not made in f#cking Eccles, we can no longer sell things in llds..(That confuse the f#ck out of a few).

Immigration is another problem that I have talked about before; just go back and read it, I can’t be f#cking arsed to write it again..Didn’t I tell you what would f#cking happen….Enoch my old pal you’re right on the money!

So what is my opinion on The Referendum?

It’s all a pile of Bollox, a smoke screen for the TTIP. if you’ve not f#cking heard of TTIP Google it!

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