Mr Tourettes’ Message To Our Nation Regaurding Lady Thatcher!

Yesterday whilst sitting at another f@cking road works, the news came on and announced the death of Mrs”T” (Lady Thatcher!) To you lot of f@cking plebs.

I for one, am greatly saddened by this news. She was the longest lasting P.M. we’ve had in the 20th century!

Why? Because no one else had the bollox to do the job after F@cking Labour had well and truly shagged the country! Yes she had to make some pretty hard desisions regarding the economy, yes she had to take on the f@cking Unions as thet tried to bring our Great Nation to its Knees. They had most of the f@cking”work force” down to a 3 day f@cking week, bins weren’t f@cking emptied, there was limlted electricty and gas, petrol was on f@cking ration! And you lot of moaning twats think you’ve got f@cking hard.

You wouldn’t know f@cking hard if it slapped you in the f@cking face!

Some people have even suggested that Lady “T” was a heartless type! I’m f@cking sure it was pretty hard to tell the North east they were closing, Liverpool that they were having to close and stop what they’d done for f@cking years( No not rob and sell drugs) Build ships, be the greatest import/export business! So to you f@cking pricks who think that, what do you have now? ┬áProbably more than you would have!

She made this country Great again! She even took us to war against the Argies! She was The Nations Mum and whose Mum has not had to make harsh desisions about her family? I recon she has made us tougher and more resiliant.

The one thing she didn’t sort out was the scrouging f@ckers on benefits Immigration… or are they the same?:)

May God Bless you Maggie.


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