Mr Tourettes View On Fracking!

Over the past f#cking 15 years we as a f#cking nation have had our f#cking arses ripped off. Not just by our f#cking present government by by last f#ckers as well!

We have lost our f#cking: identity, our industry, our education is a f#cking shambles, National health is f#cked! We’re constantly being told how the cost of f#cking living is coming down (my f#cking arse). And yet they’re letting more and more f#cking immigrants in, so the lazy twats that won’t work can moan even f#cking more that they can’t get a f#cking job!

Just as you think the powers that be can’t possibly take the f#cking piss any more, they manage to pull yet another trick out of their bullshit sleeve!


Have they totally lost leave of their f#cking senses?

It seems what ever the f#cking U.S.A does we have to follow, like a lost f#cking lamb!

Invade Iraq, Afghanistan, sit on the fence over Israel! You can’t deny it!

Fracking has proven to be a total waste of time and f#cking money in the U.S.A.

Billions of $ have been f#cking paid out in compensation because of “settlement” issues!

I mean f#cking mean: One minuet your f#cking house is there, the f#cking next it’s f#cked off some where! Half a f#cking mile closer to f#cking Australia!

Here’s the deal!

The public will make such a big deal over f#cking fracking, the government will decide to “shelve” the project. In which time the f#cking power companies will put the price up because of “dwindling resources”. They’ll f#cking moan about how Russia have the lions share of the market. And they’ll blame us for stopping f#cking fracking!

It’ll be all our fault! We’ll be the reason why the price goes up!

You don’t believe me?!

Then just ask any f#cking yank!


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