Mr Tourettes Response to: M.P’s 11% Pay rise!

Are the powers that be taking the f#cking piss!

First we have to f#cking swallow The Bankers pay, now it seems we got to swallow the f#cking M.Ps’ pay rise of 11%! it’s a f#cking joke.

It seems to me, that if you’ve got no f#cking idea on how to run a f#cking business, have the charisma of a f#cking leech, then you’re f#cking made!

Become an M.P. or a f#cking banker! Your only Job description is to: Majorly f#ck up what you’re doing, and in return we’ll pay you, not only that, we’ll even give you a f#cking huge Bonus!

What is going wrong with our once “Great Britain”? If you don’t f#cking know I’ll tell you!

Grandpa Tourettes summed it up f#cking years ago! “It’s the: “Soft under-belly” of our f#cking Nation. Give it twenty f#cking years and we’ll be f#cked.” He’d say! And low and behold here we are f#cking f#cked! We can’t say a f#cking word, because we’re rascist or something f#cking else!

The f#cking problem is. That while we’ve become so f#cking hung up on the “Rights and other shit” we’ve missed the real f#cking agenda!

Which is: We’re going to con every one. Keep every hard working person on the f#cking bread line, tax the hell out of every one(except M.Ps and bankers) introduce a few tax breaks that only “The Rich” can afford to get around) oh and then they’ll introduce a few more “tax friendly” breaks, which will confuse the living f#ck out of the ¬†every day person. And when they’ve done all that; they can afford to give them selves another 11% pay increase!

Lets face it, they’re f#cking worth it! When did any one else give them selves an 11% f#cking pay increase in a f#cking recession? Hospitals are being told to f#cking cut back, then their f#cking management get a pay increase, whilst some poor soul dies, because they can’t afford to “go private”! Schools are cutting back; there’s no f#cking paper to write on. Pupils are being told to bring in their own material. I could go on! But like I f#cking said:” We’re being conned!

It’s one big piss take!

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