Mr Tourettes’ View on The Fuel Protests!

It’s a f#cking con.

At first I thought that the strikes were about the price of f#cking fuel!

How f#cking thick am I?

No it’s about their working conditions! They drive f#cking lorries for f#ck sake!

I know I going to upset a few people here!!! I really don’t give a f#ck!

But hang on a mo’! Just like f#cking lemmings every one is rushing out buying f#cking fuel at inflated prices like its going out of fashion! How many more millions of pounds has the powers that be raised in extra VAT and duty, because :”There might be a f#cking strike”?

I want to beg for some f#cking common sense! Don’t rush out and fill up, that’s exactly what “they” want us to do!

But I see I’m too f#cking late! The vast majority of th U.K. have rushed out like a bunch of f#cking Lemmings and jumped off the cliff we call Petrol stations!

There won’t be a f#cking strike until after the Easter Bank Holiday! Why? Because the f#cking unions would not strike on a Bank Holiday because it f#ck up their holidays too much!

Any who!!! Have a nice Easter.

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