Mr Tourettes’ View on Supermarkets and their 5p a bag charge!

The way I see this(yet another profiteering exercise on behalf of the Government and supermarkets) is that the problem was first introduced by the f###ing supermarkets in the first place for a bit more free advertising and to litter the nation for decades to come, from the depths of our country side the the depths of our oceans!

I can remember Grandma Tourettes on her shopping trips armed with only her wicker basket and a couple of nylon carry bags…Those were the days!

30 years on and we’re our now being told we’ve got to pay 5p a f###ing bag! One of  two things are going to happen here. People are going to say: “F#ck that for a game of soldiers”and the f###ing supermarkets will be left with warehouses full of f###ing bags(good plan) or the Great British public will just think oh f#ck it, it’s only 5p!

Lets just work that one out!..5p a bag! Lets just say the average shop consists of 6 f###ing bags. That’s 30p say twice a f###ing week…60p..that’s an average of £31.60 a year! Equate that little f###ing number to the 2.5 million households in the U.K. That makes(if I’m f###ing correct)£790,000.00!! If I’m wrong blame the fact that a byslexic f###er! Even so, you have to agree! It’s a f###ing lot of money! That wasn’t put in the budget.

Now go f###ing global on those figures and Bingo recession over! All because of the humble plastic bag!

But what is really starting to piss me off is: You go to a clothes shop and spend a f###ing fortune on clothes and the f###ing assistant says: “That’s an extra 5p per bag please sir!”

You’ve got to be f###ing joking; just put it on the price and don’t f###ing insult me!

I think it’s taking the piss a bit don’t you!?

Mind you it’s all for charity mate! Arseholes.



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