Mr Tourettes view on The E.U. Referendum!

I know I’ve been very f#cking quiet of late!

I have my reason so before anyone starts F#ck off!

In 1945 Great Britain won f#ckingWW2. We stopped the Germans, in particular one nasty little fucker called Adolf taking over our Proud f#cking Nation. Our Boys and girls kicked some f#cking arse, with a bit of help from USf#cking A ( Late as per f#cking usual!)

Since then we’ve got a “Common Market” Where everyone in the “Common Market” pays the same for everything!!! That f#cking works…not!

Then we got involved in what we call the f#cking “European Union”. Lead by f#cking Brussels!  F#ckers!!

The idea, (as I understand) is to have a Governing Body over-looking our Governing body, making sure that our Governing body don’t do anything untoward!

Now to do this our Governing body pays f#cking Billions to the EU every month! A lot of which goes to pay what we  now call: EMP’s. Most of the Emp’s are MP’s that we have sacked from our country, because they were f#cking useless! What makes me laugh is: They pay themselves and their f#cking staff, (some of who are their f#cking wives) millions of pounds in salaries. They have departments who have vast budgets, bigger than The NHS, to Manage us and tell us what we can and can not do! e.g. we can’t sell bent bananas, we can’t sell Eccles cakes, if they are not made in f#cking Eccles, we can no longer sell things in llds..(That confuse the f#ck out of a few).

Immigration is another problem that I have talked about before; just go back and read it, I can’t be f#cking arsed to write it again..Didn’t I tell you what would f#cking happen….Enoch my old pal you’re right on the money!

So what is my opinion on The Referendum?

It’s all a pile of Bollox, a smoke screen for the TTIP. if you’ve not f#cking heard of TTIP Google it!

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Mr Tourettes and the EU Deal.

Well f#ck me…it’s been a whole f#cking year since my last post! I must f#cking apologise, do you know what, f#ck it no, I f#cking won’t!

I’ve been away staying with relatives down under! What a f#cking country that is! They take no f#cking shit from any one! Us on the other f#cking hand, lie down and every f#cker shits on us!

The f#cking great thing about having a whole f#cking year away is it shows how f#cking right I am!

What the f#ck is going on with this f#cking EU thing? Cameron you f#cking wanker, you’ve f#cking lied to us! First off you promised us a referendum, saying you want to get out of the f#cking EU! 5 years down the line we’re still f#cking about….dithering about..umming and arrring! Listen pal….As Grandma Tourettes would have f#cking said…”Piss or get off the f#cking pot!”

None of us know the implications of getting out of the EU! But what i do know is: It’s f#cking us royally up the arse! Telling what we can’t and can do..Who we can let in and who we f#cking can’t. Who we can deal with…ect ect.. What load of f#cking shit!

They keep telling us if we leave the EU:

The banks will leave…really?

Countries will stop dealing with us…no they f#cking won’t!

We’ll go bankrupt…already f#cking there!

The f#cking bullshit goes on!!

What happened to our once great f#cking Nation?? I’ll f#cking tell you what…The F#cking EU….The Common market..what ever you want o call call it! It doesn’t f#cking work! If it did, then:

Why do we pay more for our fuel?

Why is our NHS bankrupt?

Why did Greece get away with day light f#cking robbery?

Why do we pay f#cking billions to other f#cking countries?

Why are we paying E M P’s millions to sit on their f#cking arses to take the piss out of us and claim expenses!

Why oh why????

Because we’ve lost the f#cking plot! We need to take control back! It’s really that simple!

My alternative:

Our unemployment is quite low!

If we stopped immigration for 4 years and get these lazy f#ckers off the dole and working, we’d be better off!

Why give jobs to immigrants when we’ve got a perfectly fit work force! If dolies don’t wont to work then they can f#ck off!

Bring back National service!

Sack the civil service!

Every M.P. Has to have worked in the Private sector for at least 10 years before they can become an M.P.

In short go back to brass f#cking roots.. Get our Nation Great again!


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Mr Tourettes View On Fracking!

Over the past f#cking 15 years we as a f#cking nation have had our f#cking arses ripped off. Not just by our f#cking present government by by last f#ckers as well!

We have lost our f#cking: identity, our industry, our education is a f#cking shambles, National health is f#cked! We’re constantly being told how the cost of f#cking living is coming down (my f#cking arse). And yet they’re letting more and more f#cking immigrants in, so the lazy twats that won’t work can moan even f#cking more that they can’t get a f#cking job!

Just as you think the powers that be can’t possibly take the f#cking piss any more, they manage to pull yet another trick out of their bullshit sleeve!


Have they totally lost leave of their f#cking senses?

It seems what ever the f#cking U.S.A does we have to follow, like a lost f#cking lamb!

Invade Iraq, Afghanistan, sit on the fence over Israel! You can’t deny it!

Fracking has proven to be a total waste of time and f#cking money in the U.S.A.

Billions of $ have been f#cking paid out in compensation because of “settlement” issues!

I mean f#cking mean: One minuet your f#cking house is there, the f#cking next it’s f#cked off some where! Half a f#cking mile closer to f#cking Australia!

Here’s the deal!

The public will make such a big deal over f#cking fracking, the government will decide to “shelve” the project. In which time the f#cking power companies will put the price up because of “dwindling resources”. They’ll f#cking moan about how Russia have the lions share of the market. And they’ll blame us for stopping f#cking fracking!

It’ll be all our fault! We’ll be the reason why the price goes up!

You don’t believe me?!

Then just ask any f#cking yank!


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Mr Tourettes Response to: M.P’s 11% Pay rise!

Are the powers that be taking the f#cking piss!

First we have to f#cking swallow The Bankers pay, now it seems we got to swallow the f#cking M.Ps’ pay rise of 11%! it’s a f#cking joke.

It seems to me, that if you’ve got no f#cking idea on how to run a f#cking business, have the charisma of a f#cking leech, then you’re f#cking made!

Become an M.P. or a f#cking banker! Your only Job description is to: Majorly f#ck up what you’re doing, and in return we’ll pay you, not only that, we’ll even give you a f#cking huge Bonus!

What is going wrong with our once “Great Britain”? If you don’t f#cking know I’ll tell you!

Grandpa Tourettes summed it up f#cking years ago! “It’s the: “Soft under-belly” of our f#cking Nation. Give it twenty f#cking years and we’ll be f#cked.” He’d say! And low and behold here we are f#cking f#cked! We can’t say a f#cking word, because we’re rascist or something f#cking else!

The f#cking problem is. That while we’ve become so f#cking hung up on the “Rights and other shit” we’ve missed the real f#cking agenda!

Which is: We’re going to con every one. Keep every hard working person on the f#cking bread line, tax the hell out of every one(except M.Ps and bankers) introduce a few tax breaks that only “The Rich” can afford to get around) oh and then they’ll introduce a few more “tax friendly” breaks, which will confuse the living f#ck out of the  every day person. And when they’ve done all that; they can afford to give them selves another 11% pay increase!

Lets face it, they’re f#cking worth it! When did any one else give them selves an 11% f#cking pay increase in a f#cking recession? Hospitals are being told to f#cking cut back, then their f#cking management get a pay increase, whilst some poor soul dies, because they can’t afford to “go private”! Schools are cutting back; there’s no f#cking paper to write on. Pupils are being told to bring in their own material. I could go on! But like I f#cking said:” We’re being conned!

It’s one big piss take!

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Mr Tourettes Pays homage to Mr Madela.

Here is a Man!

A Man who put every bodies needs before his own!

A Man who Stood up for what he believed in,

A Man who would pay the price! No matter!

With out this Mans’ existence, where would His people be be now?

There is no one in politics today who can do what He did, and there probably never will be!

Every so many hundreds of years there comes a soul who tries to redress the balance. We’ve been privileged to witness this again, lets us not miss this opportunity!

There and I didn’t even fucking swear once!

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Mr Tourettes’ View On the newest Addition To The Royal Family!

May I offer, on behalf of Mrs Tourettes, our family and my self, the greatest congratulations to  William and Kate and their lovely Son George Alexander Louis. Welcome to our world and may you be guided by the wisdom of time!

(See I can write without f#cking swearing)

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Mr Tourettes’ Message To Our Nation Regaurding Lady Thatcher!

Yesterday whilst sitting at another f@cking road works, the news came on and announced the death of Mrs”T” (Lady Thatcher!) To you lot of f@cking plebs.

I for one, am greatly saddened by this news. She was the longest lasting P.M. we’ve had in the 20th century!

Why? Because no one else had the bollox to do the job after F@cking Labour had well and truly shagged the country! Yes she had to make some pretty hard desisions regarding the economy, yes she had to take on the f@cking Unions as thet tried to bring our Great Nation to its Knees. They had most of the f@cking”work force” down to a 3 day f@cking week, bins weren’t f@cking emptied, there was limlted electricty and gas, petrol was on f@cking ration! And you lot of moaning twats think you’ve got f@cking hard.

You wouldn’t know f@cking hard if it slapped you in the f@cking face!

Some people have even suggested that Lady “T” was a heartless type! I’m f@cking sure it was pretty hard to tell the North east they were closing, Liverpool that they were having to close and stop what they’d done for f@cking years( No not rob and sell drugs) Build ships, be the greatest import/export business! So to you f@cking pricks who think that, what do you have now?  Probably more than you would have!

She made this country Great again! She even took us to war against the Argies! She was The Nations Mum and whose Mum has not had to make harsh desisions about her family? I recon she has made us tougher and more resiliant.

The one thing she didn’t sort out was the scrouging f@ckers on benefits Immigration… or are they the same?:)

May God Bless you Maggie.


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Mr Tourettes view on: mr cameron!

Yes you’ve spotted the mistake: (small “m” small “c”) I thought we’d voted for a conservative/liberal government!

How f#cking dare he call him self a f#cking conservative! He’s as f#cking weak as the f#cking liberal twat stood next to him!

Dear old Maggie must be f#cking livid! First the f#cking labour party f#ck up the Country( Which you can understand. History repeating itself)Now a Conservative is doing the f#cking same, and to add insult to f#cking injury, he reckons leaving  Europe is a bad idea! What part of “bleeding us dry” does he not f#cking get?

He needs to to get a f#cking grip, get this once great country on its’ feet and stop wasting time time trying to placate these f#cking wasters. Maybe even take a leaf out of the Aussie Premiers’ book!

I can’t f#cking believe how short some peoples’ f#cking memories are! Have you really forgotten about the f#cking mess Labour left us in? Selling off the gold reserves ect!

Lets face it: Mr Blaire has indeed done a f#cking better job than I’ve previously given him credit for!

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Mr Tourettes’ Latest problem with his mobile phone deal!

EE! I’ll give f#cking EE.(Everything, Everywhere)

I’m f#cking not happy! This is  the next f#cking company to try and f#cking rip me off! Twats.

Recently EE has taken over Orange. Big f#cking deal you might think, until i check my f#cking bill….£100.00 increase! Thinking (as you f#cking do) Miss Tourettes has been taking the f#cking piss. She’s been surfing the f#cking internet again. So me wanting to get my f#cking facts right, phone up E.E and asks for a break down and I nearly f#cking get one.

Do you f#cking know these twats f#cking charge for sms delivery@ .09p, then they have f#cking “updated” all our f#cking phones to 5 gig(so we can go f#cking surfing) and f#cking charged us £25.00 each for the f#cking privilege!

No I didn’t f#cking ask for it! Any way, needless to f#cking say, I’ve got my point of f#cking view over and they are going to refund me!

It’s seems to be a full time f#cking occupation nowadays checking on these robbing f#ckers. If you’re not being ripped off by one company you’ll get f#cked by another; or if your f#cking like me every one wants to try and f#cking rip you off!

I still think f#cking Blaire kicked the whole ball rolling..Be as f#cking dishonest as possible, and if you get caught out, f#cking bull shit your way out!

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Mr Tourettes View on: The Recent Hike In Fuel Prices!

What the f#ck is going on?

Just when you think life can’t get any f#cking harder, these robbing twats increase the cost of existing! ( you can’t call it f#cking “living” anyf#cking more!)

Mrs Tourettes and I, like 80% of us go out to work! To do what? Pay our f#cking bills. That’s it! We work to pay our f#cking bills! We can’t save any f#cking money because our f#cking bills are so f#cking much!

Electricity:£175.00 per month( In a 2 bedroom cottage for f#cks sake!)

Bread: £2.00 a f#cking loaf!

It’s a f#cking disgrace! Minimum wage £6.20 per hourish x by 39hours=£241-00-tax=160.00! How the f#ck is anyone supposed to exist on that!

Mr F#cking-Cameron get a f#cking grip! The maths is not that f#cking difficult  If you can get people to save by giving them their f#cking “lives” back, the banks will give more f#cking interest! Oh f#ck that’s it! The banks get more money with bank charges than f#cking interest, so by keeping people poor the banks make more money!

There again, Stop f#cking Immigration! The more f#cking poor people the worse the situation, the counrty is f#cking full! That’s it! They want more f##cking people in our country to charge them more bank charges ect!

Do you f#cking know, my idea of “Tourrettopia” isn’t so f#cking bad, except we’re not going to f#cking Bosnia….Greece is far f#cking cheaper!

And what’s all this crap about: Spare rooms…Spare rooms, what about spare f#cking homes/holiday-f#cking-homes..Do you f#cking know I thought Labour were a bunch of thieving twats, but this f#cking shower of twats…!!!!It just begs the question!

Who does really run this f#cking country?

I had a conversation with “The  F#cking Tax Office” This week, asking them for “time to f#cking pay”

Do know what the twat on the other end asked me? “Why have you not put money aside Mr Tourettes?” My answer: “Because you’ve already taxed the f#ck out me and every other f#cker on the Isle, via fuel, diesel, petrol, food, clothing, water and not to forget ….breathing and now they want to f#cking tax “spare rooms”   FUCK OFF!

Any f#cking who , apparently I still owe them!



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